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Checking In & No Div Pixel Art

Checking in after a whole lot of nothing! Mostly wanted to post something I did in a few minutes on this pen, because I like quick art and it’s pretty haha.

I’ve also been busy with my new job, and moving/selling my condo to be closer to it! Thanks to connections from WordCamp DC (and a little bit of luck), I’ve successfully made a career switch and am now a Junior Front-End Web Developer at a marketing agency 🙂 I’ve learned a ton since November and need to update this site to reflect that, but it’s coming.

In the words of Google Home’s morning news, that’s all for now!


Visual Power

A funny aside: In the process of updating this site, researching hosts, and browsing Google Fonts, I came across the same picture of Jeremiah on Dreamhost and his site Typewolf. I don’t know him and had never been to either site before, but somehow I recognized his picture in 2 unrelated places:

So Jeremiah, if you ever read this, know that you’re memorable!