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I came across this Pure CSS Connect 4 CodePen this morning — I played that game a lot as a kid (and still have it, including the beat-up cardboard box), so I had a bit of a nostalgic moment 🙂 As I have yet to foray into the world of advanced CSS/SVG styling like this, it amazes me what people have created when I get the CodePen Spark emails every week.

On a personal note, I’ve started volunteering as the webmaster for a local nonprofit, Community Empowerment Northern Virginia (CENV). So far I love it, as it allows me to help a good cause while still being able to create and learn more about WordPress (especially things that wouldn’t be relevant on this site, like integrating MailChimp).

I’m also volunteering this Saturday at WordCamp Baltimore, so looking forward to that! Don’t know what my schedule is yet, though it’s interesting to see the differences in organizing from WordCamp DC. I’ve had to unfortunately decline my volunteer invite to WordCamp US in December as well. The last week of November has gotten busy, and can’t take the whole week off, as I’m not within reasonable driving distance from Nashville. But, maybe next year!

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